All employees working under the supervision of WorkCon have a rigorous understanding of health and safety legislative requirements.

Our people are expected to observe the highest possible standards for health and safety, and conduct themselves in a manner that takes into account both their own safety and the safety of everyone around them.

We also cater to specific company or role requirements, such as organising medicals, screening sessions or other pre-commencement safety tasks.

Video: Sam from Hutchinson Builders – WorkCon and Safety.

WorkCon has in place a Quality Assurance Management System, which complies to AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 9001:2008.


WorkCon ensures:
  • A commitment to providing a safe work environment, including work conditions, practices, procedures for all employees and facilities for consultation
  • A high level of safety awareness and sound safety culture throughout our workforce
  • The utmost is done by the company to minimise hazards within the workplace to prevent accidents from occurring, and to prevent danger to the public and other contractors
  • All persons employed by WorkCon, and any contractors or other persons involved with the operations of the company, have a personal responsibility to the company, their fellow workers, themselves and the general public to adopt and maintain appropriate health and safety standards in all their work activities
  • Verifications of competency or task observations are conducted on our employees from time to time, either by our own qualified assessor and trainer, or by a third party.


WorkCon provides all of its workers with:
  • Site-specific Safe Work Method Statements
  • Face fit testing. All workers arrive onsite with their own P2 dust masks
  • Medical checks as required
  • Basic neat and tidy personal protective equipment, so your site presents professionally
  • Training to enable employees to fulfil their job in a safe and healthy manner
  • Return to work and suitable duties programs if required.

Our Expectations

WorkCon expects its employees to:
  • Comply with company policies, procedures and rules at all times
  • Ensure a safe and tidy work area or site is maintained at all times
  • Ensure they know exactly how to do their tasks safely before they start work. Or, take measures to consult with WorkCon management prior to undertaking potentially hazardous activities.