Why Choose Us

Proudly Australian owned and operated, WorkCon offers local-business service with big-business reach. We get to know our workers and we get to know our clients. We pride ourselves on matching the right people with the right projects to deliver the best outcomes for everyone involved.

Video: Hansen Yuncken and why they choose WorkCon.

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Here are six reasons why you should choose us.

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Ever had the experience of hiring tradespeople, only to have them arrive on site and discover they lack the skills you require to get the job done? Or, worse still, they don’t show up at all?

We meet and interview every candidate we place. We have full-time HR consultants in-house who specialise in building and civil construction industry recruitment.

Our HR experts know what to look for and what to ask potential workers to ensure we provide high quality, reliable people to suit a wide range of employment scenarios.

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At WorkCon, the recruitment process is more than an anonymous form and some online training. We don’t just run search queries through a giant database to fulfil orders.

Instead, we build long-term relationships with our workers. We visit our clients’ sites regularly and we understand the day-to-day challenges faced.

We also understand that different projects need different types of people. It’s not just about ticking the boxes in terms of qualifications or experience. We also consider factors like culture fit to build teams that achieve strong results across diverse public and private projects.

It’s all part of our commitment to fresh thinking and contemporary best practices in labour hire and recruitment.



Legislation can change quickly and complying with new regulations can be challenging.

We take essential tasks off your hands and deliver workers who can hit the ground running. This means we take care of certain requirements that other companies might not, including the following tasks.

Face fit testing. Reduce the hassle for your onsite managers by receiving workers who arrive onsite with their own P2 dust masks fitted and ready to go.

Site-specific Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). Be confident workers’ safety paperwork is all up-to-date. We’ll make sure our employees have the right training, and the right signed SWMS, for any tasks they’ll be required to perform on your work site. You don’t need to chase us up for SWMS.

Task observations. From time to time, we conduct verifications of competency or task observations of our employees. We also provide you with a copy of the task observation report for your records.

Return to work officer. We provide ‘return to work’ and ‘suitable duties’ programs, where needed, for our employees.


We make you look good

A fresh shirt and a new hard hat can work wonders to keep your sites looking professional – especially on projects with high exposure or where parts of a building remain open to the public during construction.

We supply basic personal protective equipment for all of our workers, so they arrive looking neat, uniformed, and ready to work.

Over our years in the industry, we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our clients on this extra part of our service, which we know many other recruitment companies don’t provide.

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We check in and we anticipate your needs

Ever had the experience of receiving your contracted workers, and then six months go by before anyone onsite hears from the labour hire firm again?

We visit most of our sites weekly or fortnightly to see how everyone is going. We check if our workers need replacement PPE, new timebooks or any other items to get the job done.

We also talk to the project managers and foremen onsite, and help them to keep on top of their labour hire needs. We anticipate your requirements so we can help to keep your projects running smoothly and without delays.

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